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DSCN2591comThe colours of Autumn leaves are echoed in flowers like the rich bronzy coloured single bloom chrysanthemums Fuego or the dearer but even larger headed, Tom Pierce.   Team with orange roses like Mariyo, Marie Claire or Free Spirit, asiatic lily and rosehips or hypericum berries and oakleaf foliage.   Sunflowers, poppy seed heads and heleniums remind us of late summer.   Hydrangeas take on lovely muted and mixed tones from green/reds and purples to faded antique pinks.     Heather and pink tones come from September flower, phlox and the lovely scented waxflower in pink or white.   There are lots of lovely berries including snowberry and foliages that bring that Autumnal feel including oakleaf, wiegela, and cotinus.   Add to these some of the flowers that are available all year round such as roses, spray roses and lisianthus and you will not be stuck to create something beautiful!